Spring Ice

When I was growing up I loved walking to school on spring mornings especially if it had been a warm day the day before and had melted some snow. Over night the melted snow would freeze along the edge of the gutter or around the edges of puddles. It would form a thin layer of ice that was fun to walk on and hear it crunch under my feet as I walked. Yesterday morning we had a morning with spring ice along my driveway. I resisted crunching it under my feet and took a picture of it instead.

5 Responses to “Spring Ice”

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  2. Still trying to make me jealous? 😀

    Here’s to puddles in the morning that aren’t iced over. Spring will be there soon.

    • Hoping it will be here soon but they are forecasting snow for Tuesday and Wednesday again will a chance of sunshine for tomorrow. We have had so many gray cloudy days here. This morning it is foggy again.

  3. You have brought to my mind days of my childhood walking along looking for all the ice I could crunch on my way to school. Beautiful photo of crunch-worthy ice. Blessings to you, Jeanne…

    • Thanks Carol. The ice the other day made me think of my brother, two sisters and I racing from one area to the next on our way to school to be the first to crunch the ice. Blessings to you Carol on this blessed Sunday!

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