Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

This week’s Photo Challenge was a challenge for sure until I started looking at the wildflower photos I had taken this past week. In the mix of usual wildflowers was one that I saw for the first time this season. It was the Early Meadow Rue or Thalictrum dioicum. It’s flowers are only about 1/4 inch in width.  They have thread-like, yellow hanging parts that reminded me of the tassels that my grandma used to have hanging on some tableclothes or lampshades.  Now is graduation time for many and the flowers also remind me of the tassels that hang from the graduation hats but on a much smaller scale.

15 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny”

  1. Another great shot. Lovely. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you, Jeanne…

    • Thanks Carol. Hope you are drier than we are this morning. It is raining steady here today and most of yesterday. Blessings to you this weekend, Jeanne

  2. How cool! Thanks for sharing this unusual flower with us!

  3. Well, since this IS a flower, and it IS the month of May, I’ll take it for your Brenda Photo Challenge entry…
    Beautifully done!
    Happy weekend to you….

    • Thanks Donna. I can’t seem to get everything done these days. Happy I didn’t miss the deadline for the Brenda Photo Challenge. Can’s wait to look at all the other entries.

  4. Interesting shot, Jeanne!

    Enjoy the weekend.

    • Thanks Nancy. I almost missed seeing this flower when I was out looking for wildflowers because it isn’t as showy or as large of flower as some of the others I was looking for this week.

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  6. Very interesting flower and good shot. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend. I had trouble finding the comment button sorry I left two.

    • No worries. I have a little trouble leaving comments on other sites that aren’t WordPress sites. I eventually figure it out but it is still a challenge for me. I appreciate the comments whether its one or two 🙂

  7. This is lovely. Beautiful mix of colours and textures.

  8. I’ve never seen a flower like this. Very interesting. And the photo is beautiful.

    • Thanks for stopping by Cecelia. This was the first year that I found this wildflower when I was out taking pictures. They are very small and don’t bloom for long.

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