Daisy Delight


Two weeks ago my husband and I were on a trip from Central Minnesota to the North shore of Minnesota on Lake Superior.

The closer we got to Lake Superior and Duluth, Minnesota the road ditches were alive with color.  Everywhere we looked we saw the color orange.   The orange flowers are called Orange Hawkweed or Devil’s Paintbrush.

They were very pretty but apparently they are not welcome because they spread.


5 Responses to “Daisy Delight”

  1. Hi Jeanne! I’m delighted to see Daisy Delight . . . what a fabulous shot. You have such a good eye for nature photography. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

    • Thanks Nancy! Life is good! We’ve been busy with getting a rental home ready for August 1 renters, marrying off our youngest daughter last October, welcoming two new grandsons in the past year and celebrating the engagement of our oldest son to his longtime girlfriend. Heading off on another short trip to pick up cars but unfortunately not in your neck of the woods. 😦

      • That all sounds terrific! Lots of milestones and markers to celebrate. Hope you are finding time to enjoy the lake with your kids and grandkids this summer.

        We do a fair amount of hibernating at this time of year ~ but I hop in the pool a few mornings a week for water aerobics ~ terrific exercise on hot summer days.

        We celebrated our 31st Anniversary in June. BFF had cataract surgery this summer Now he’s seeing life in HD!

        Good luck getting the rental home ready in the next few weeks. And keep us in mind if you ever are in our neck of the woods. We would love to meet up again.

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